Our Philosophy

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We Need Nature

We believe time spent in nature is a necessary ingredient for health. It gets us moving, breaks up the linear patterning that society imposes on our bodies and minds, and improves our mood and brain function.


Connection is Our Natural State

Humans are hardwired for connection, just as ecosystems are hardwired for connection. We form bonds when we can recognize plants, animal tracks, birds, and places, which can help us to feel at home in the world. These bonds satisfy deep and timeless yearnings as we learn to experience ourselves as a living participant in something bigger than our individual stories. We are part of the story of the earth.


Interconnection Creates New Possibilities

So many current global problems—environmental destruction, wealth disparity, and a depression epidemic, to name a few—stem from a culture of separateness. When we weave ourselves into the web of life, new relationships, new synergies, and new perspectives are possible.


Experiential Education Goes Deep

Whether it's building a fire, learning a birdsong, or speaking our mind, hands-on experience stays with us and drums itself into our bones.


Peace Begins Inside

Deep nature connection quiets and centers the mind. The more inner peace we can cultivate with meditation and self-reflection practices in the wilderness, the more deeply we can immerse ourselves in the forest. When we act from this sense of peace, our actions create beneficial ripples in the world.


We All Have Something To Contribute

It is our natural state to contribute to the collective and share our gifts. We embrace a culture that serves to unleash and actualize each individual's unique potential.


Reciprocity and Responsibility Rule

Our ecological function as humans is to tend and steward the land. Because we have the ability to create or destroy on a global scale, we teach and practice life-giving ways. Care for the earth and for people is foundational to an honorable life.